ACfA Team and Supporters

Nthabiseng Mentor | Operations Lead

Nthabiseng completed her Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics, Politics and Industrial Sociology at the University of Cape Town and is currently pursuing a Masters in Development Finance at the UCT Graduate School of Business. She has keen interest in disruptive technology and how it can be utilized to propel growth and inclusion in the SMME and informal sectors.

Before joining the African Crowdfunding Association, Nthabiseng served as an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Ipreo by HIS Markit. During her tenure at Ipreo she co-founded the Global CSR Program and led the Ipreo’s Women Networking Initiative.

Nthabiseng speaks seven of the eleven official South African languages; learnt through constant travel across the country. She is driven by the desire to constantly discover, learn and impart knowledge from her professional and personal experiences.

The African Crowdfunding Association is directed by

Kevin Allen | Chairman | QDDTI

Kevin is an energetic and creative individual, displaying many leadership characteristics. He is a founding director of the African Crowdfunding Association.

Kevin believes that we live in an abundant world and that through technology we can use exponential forces for positivity.

Kevin Recently started his own company, QDDTI, which focusses on Digital Business Model Innovation and capital raising. Prior to this Kevin was part of the Wealth Migrate team, working closely with the CEO in capital expansion of the business. Before that he worked in the pharmaceutical industry becoming the youngest member of the management team running the operations for the liquids and semisolid departments for Aspen Pharmacare, East London.

Kevin has an undergraduate Pharmacy degree and an MBA (Cum Laude). Although through reading, browsing the internet and through experience he has shaped his thinking in terms of exponential business models and what the future holds.
Elizabeth Howard | Secretary | LelapaFund

Elizabeth holds an Economics degrees from the University of Cape Town and Sciences Po Paris. Before founding LelapaFund, she worked as an economist and risk analyst for South African and French consulting firms for 5 years. Elizabeth has over 10 years of investment experience in the South African stock market and is deeply networked in Anglophone and Francophone Africa entrepreneurial ecosystems. She holds a certificate of Entrepreneurship from Stanford University and is a founding director of the African Crowdfunding Association
Lunda Wright | Treasurer | Backabuddy

Lunda Wright [BSc(Hons) LLB CertCyberLaw DipBA], based in Cape Town, is an enterprise business and technology consultant. He is a founding member of the African Crowdfunding Association and a co-founder of Thundafund, South Africa’s leading product-based crowdfunding platform. As a Zambian national with a multi-disciplinary background in technology and law, Lunda makes expert contributions to the growth of crowdfunding on the African continent. He is supportive of innovation, self-empowerment and the practical realisation of human rights. He is also one of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds and a co-owner of Backabuddy, a donations crowdfunding platform for charities and individuals.
Scott Picken | Director | WealthMigrate

Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, published author, Wealth Movement pioneer and serial fintech entrepreneur.

Backed by more than 17 years’ global real estate investment, technology and business leadership experience, Scott is passionate about providing real estate investors access to global markets, the transformative power of financial technology, re-inventing wealth & investing as we know it and creating global wealth for all.

His philosophy is safety, trust, transparency and only partnering where all parties interests are aligned. He is the author of Property Going Global, founder of Google-backed Lemonade Day Africa and a thought leader in the growing global ‘Wealth Movement’ aiming to close the wealth gap and empower one billion people by 2020, which he truly believes is his purpose!
Patrick Schofield | Director | ThundaFund

Patrick Schofield invests in innovation. He believes in the new world order of capitalism with a human face. His passion for entrepreneurship and driving growth through innovation in Africa has been recognised in his selection as the winner of the ‘Top Billing – Entrepreneur of the Year 2007/8’ and his selection as the Ernst & Young / Schwab Foundation ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ for South Africa & Africa 2008/09Most recent accomplishments:2013 – the launch of – Africa’s first crowdfunding platform bringing together funding and business development support to drive entrepreneurial development in the innovation and creative sectors. Thundafund is the leading crowdfunding platform for Africa.2015 – the re-launch of – South Africa’s leading homegrown cause & activism crowdfunding platform. Backabuddy has raised over R27 000 000 for 900 charities from over 30 000 individual people.
Andere Cassanova | Independent Advisor

Andere Cassanova holds an MBA from ESADE Business School (ranked 8th in Europe by the FT, 2016); and is a Level II candidate 2017 in the CFA Program.

Her core Skills are financial management, strategy and transaction advisory, having worked for the General Financial services of Agilent Technologies (over 6 years) in Europe; and top tier management consulting firm and VC fund in Dubai (over 2 years).

She has worked in Africa on a project funded by the United Nations Development Program and feels passionate about crowdfunding as a means of democratizing finance.

We could not achieve our goals without the work of these amazing people

Khalid Elkhidir | Crowdfunding Researcher and Evangelist

Khalid Elkhidir is a researcher in crowdfunding, comes from a multidisciplinary background in Engineering and Applied Economics, he holds a Master degree from Politecnico di Milano in Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a bachelor in Engineering from the University of Khartoum. In addition to his experience in sales and business development, he is a supporter of Innovation and provision of capital access to entrepreneurial ventures.

Khalid believes that crowdfunding can play a big role in providing capital to promising entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures in Africa, and that establishing an ecosystem for crowdfunding and democratizing the access to it is a key factor for fostering innovation and providing support to the ones in need.
OLUWAmuyiwa Omole | Team Lead | StarkHouse

OLUWAmuyiwa Omole is a vibrant Educator, Writer and Dynamist whose interest lies in the facilitation of Quality Education for the purpose of Sustainable Community Development. His expertise spans across Education, Engineering, Contents and Systems Development.

He is the Team Lead at StarkHouse Nigeria; an educational outfit dedicated to improving personal and profession developments in individuals and organizations. He is the Executive Director of Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi) and also the Lead Facilitator of The DEEP Project Initiative. His engineering background gives him in-depth skills in developing contents and structuring systems for productivity.

As a Community Development enthusiast, OLUWAmuyiwa sees crowdfunding as a tool for financial empowerment for young individualists working towards executing Community-Based ideas.

ACFA is endorsed and actively supported by international crowdfunding experts:





  • Alexandre Raguet, Board member of Financement Participatif France, the largest crowdfunding industry association in France (France).
  • Ronald Kleverlaan, Co-Founder of the European Crowdfunding Network; Founder of CrowdfundingHub (Netherlands).


  • Dan Marom, renowned expert in the field of crowdfunding and author of the pioneering books “The Crowdfunding Revolution” (2010, 2012), “Crowdfunding: The corporate era” (2015), and active member and advisor of ACFA.