Playing On Both Sides

If Crowdfunding is a game of two or more sides, its rules of engagement will surely be different than other conventional games because anyone is allowed to choose all sides without having to pitch against any side.

Crowdfunding is the only game where players are allowed to play on both sides

To increase the awareness of Crowdfunding in Africa and therefore heighten the level of promotion and participation, everyone must be on the side of the recipient as well as that the donor. If truly one believes in something, s/he should be willing to give resources towards its success. This is really the state of Crowdfunding in Africa.

It seems like the only people who are fully aware of Crowdfunding in Africa are aware for the motive of being recipients and not donors. We must therefore understand that for Crowdfunding to thrive in Africa, everyone must desire to back projects more than launching campaigns. If we focus more on donating than receiving, the level of engagement in Africa towards Crowdfunding would be higher but if we focus on receiving, much will not be done because we would be focusing on outsiders more than those who are already within the Crowdfunding Network.

There is nothing wrong if active campaigners are also doubling as active donors. With this, any active user coming with a responsive idea that needs funding would be rest assured there is a family of active campaigners who are ready to function as donors.

Giving as received is the best way to create a mutual crowdfunding system that would not only increase the rate of successful campaigns but also increase the overall awareness and promotion of Crowdfunding in Africa. We will defeat ourselves if we approach Crowdfunding without a cultivating a giving mindset.



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OLUWAmuyiwa Omole is a vibrant Educator, Writer and Crowdfunding Enthusiast whose interest lies in the facilitation of Quality Education for the purpose of Sustainable Community Development. His expertise spans across Education, Engineering, Contents and Systems Development. As a Community Developer, OLUWAmuyiwa sees crowdfunding as a tool for financial empowerment for young individualists working towards executing Community-Based ideas.

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