Lauding Your Success

In the previous post that teaches about the Logic of Building a network of future backers, it was stated that about 30% of crowdfunding campaigns in Africa are successful. As this is quite low considering the Africa population both in African countries and Diaspora, it is a foundation that could be built upon to realize huge success in the nearest future.

The low response rate of Africans to crowdfunding is mainly due to lack of results to show its effectiveness. But this can be resolved by using some out-of-the-box methods of making sure more people are aware of the potentialities of crowdfunding in Africa and subscribe to its usage in raising necessary capitals for their idea implementation.

The first method is what I called Trumpet Blowing.

The Goal-Reaching Stage is where the campaigners update the audience about the success of their campaigns and also declare publicly as soon as the target is raised. The campaigners will make a promoted broadcast on the success of the campaign and what it takes for the targets to be raised. This method is simply meant for Campaigners to share their success stories so as to add to the body of knowledge as regards Crowdfunding in Africa. In the process of blowing the trumpets of success, the Campaigners will reassure the donors as well as other supporters what the funds are meant for. This will also build trust and transparency into the system.

The second method is what I called Evident Testimonies.

This is where the campaigners begin to update the donors and other supporters as regards the process of implementation and its completion. This is simply meant to gain the trust of the donors and motivate them to be part of the first donors next time. This is also meant to show prospective crowdfunding participants about the potentials that could efficiently lead to desired changes in Africa. This will also be a promoted broadcast and it is meant to motivate and spurn others into taking necessary actions towards the proper and effective use of Crowdfunding.

We already have Social Media as tool for these methods. Many crowdfunding platforms have also been integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google so it will be easy for people to share their updates on how targets were met.



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OLUWAmuyiwa Omole is a vibrant Educator, Writer and Crowdfunding Enthusiast whose interest lies in the facilitation of Quality Education for the purpose of Sustainable Community Development. His expertise spans across Education, Engineering, Contents and Systems Development. As a Community Developer, OLUWAmuyiwa sees crowdfunding as a tool for financial empowerment for young individualists working towards executing Community-Based ideas.

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