CROWDFUNDING: Africa’s Potential Method of Communal Investment and Sustainable Development


Africa is no doubt a continent with so much resources (human and material) that are at largely undiscovered, unearthed which could be gainfully explored and exploited for its development.

This has been the case because subsistency is what we have been accustomed to and we have almost made it our culture.

Great ideas are being trivialized and suppressed because there are no funds and resources to execute them well enough to see the daylight of concurrent innovation.

Despite these shortcomings, Africa is still known for her communal lifestyle . . . people live and flock together; no one seldom do things alone. This communal sense of living is what we must translate into making sure Crowdfunding becomes a culture in Africa and through it, cutting edge ideas and innovations are borne and nurtured to sustainability.

We need to imbibe the culture of Communal Investment known as the Crowdfunding Culture.

For something great to happen in Africa; we must not wait until great ideas and inventions are fading away before we start thinking about Crowdfunding. No one should necessarily have all the funds needed to execute ideas before thinking about deployment – the community of people who are inclined about the power of Crowdfunding should be enough for any idealist to launch his ideas.

In the actual sense, Communal Investment or Crowdfunding is best done when the little resources ‘many’ People have are funneled towards the execution the great Ideas of a ‘few’. This actually gives giving a whole new concept of making dreams come true.

Communal Investment in or Crowdfunding for people, places and things is the best possible way of fostering rapid development basically because everyone is involved. Our stories are sweet and are more interesting when everyone contributes so little and everyone sees the greatness and grandness of what their little contributions have become.

Out of the little that we have now, let us contribute together as a community with a good and reputable giving culture so that ideas that are great do not die because a community of people could not willingly part away with so little.

If Crowdfunding or Communal Investment becomes a Culture in Africa, there is no telling of the enormous potentialities that would rapidly cross into the realm of realities. Through Crowdfunding, we can actually build a sustainable solution to our own problems without obvious help or assistance from external bodies.

It is good that we should all see beyond the low state of Crowdfunding in Africa today and invest in our future together as a Community. Our dreams can come true if we invest in ourselves and promote each other’s ideas through the little funds we individually have and could be accrued together and geared towards a greater and sustainable development.




About Author

OLUWAmuyiwa Omole is a vibrant Educator, Writer and Crowdfunding Enthusiast whose interest lies in the facilitation of Quality Education for the purpose of Sustainable Community Development. His expertise spans across Education, Engineering, Contents and Systems Development. As a Community Developer, OLUWAmuyiwa sees crowdfunding as a tool for financial empowerment for young individualists working towards executing Community-Based ideas.

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