SEGMENTING YOUR SUPPORTERS: How to get the most out of your list before launching your crowdfunding campaign.


In their book ‘Bold’, Peter Diamandis and Stephen Kotler suggest segmenting your supporters into three categories: Affiliates, Advocates and Activists. Paul Niederer suggests you have Contacts, Ambassadors and Influencers. The reason for this segregation is to get your supporters to work for you in different arenas and with differing approaches in order to further build your crowd and increase the success chance of your campaign.

In ‘Bold’, they mention the term Super Credibility, which is the stage at which your campaign is backed with full assurance of the result you have promised. Reaching super-credibility is only likely through a well segmented and influential group of supporters and it is therefore extremely important to get this right.


They are influential individuals, companies and community organizers that are aligned with your crowdfunding goals and will benefit from sharing your campaign with others in their sphere of influence. These are Paul’s Influencers. Choose these carefully because both parties need to benefit from the affiliate partnership. Incentives need to be designed for motivating the affiliates to promote the campaign and you should think out of the box on this one. Financial incentives in form of commissions are not likely going to work for reward-based campaigns so you need to be creative. These affiliates will take some time to court and will require a great deal of hard work and persistence. Early on, build up relationships that can turn into affiliates


They are fans and supporters, these are Paul’s Contacts. They are most likely your current customers and raving fans of what you are doing. They can assist you in building up your list before you launch. If your list of advocates is small you can build it up by finding people in communities that you follow and that align with your campaign goals.  You can get sign ups on your landing page and thus build a list by offering something that they find valuable. Driving people to this page will most likely require a great deal of hard work mixed in with great content and social media advertising.


They are Paul’s Ambassadors are extremely avid supporters who are actually willing to put in some work into your campaign. This group of people will be the smallest group and needs to remain an exclusive group. Entice and encourage Activists with the assurance of something incredible and give them a chance to shine and be part of something great.


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